Study of the effect of the MSW fiber content of and solid particle compressibility on its shear strength using triaxial apparatus.

Sandro Lemos Machado; Mehran Karimpour-Fard;
Palavras chave:
MSW, MSW fibers, solid particles compressibility, shear strength, triaxial tests, slope stability.;


 It is commonly accepted that the shear strength of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is enhanced by the reinforcement effect of its fibrous constituents. However, most papers in the technical literature do not systematically evaluate the effect of the MSW fibers on its stress-strain-strength response. This paper presents results of a series of laboratory triaxial tests performed to evaluate the effect of the MSW fiber content and solid particle compressibility on its mechanical behavior. The variation in the MSW shear strength and shear strength parameters with fiber content and axial strain are analyzed, the effective parameters obtained from CD and CU tests are compared and the applicability of Terzaghi’s equation for MSW materials discussed. Test results were used to calculate the Factor of Safety, FS, for some slope geometrical configurations and the results were used to create some charts relating FS, fiber content and the slope geometry. The authors believe this subject could be of interest to landfill management companies, especially considering the new trend in plastic material recycling for energy recovery purposes.