MSW Characteristics and Landfill Gas Generation Performance in Tropical Regions

Palavras chave:
Municipal Solid Waste; Landfill; Methane emission.;

This paper presents the results of research carried out into waste characterization and methane
generation at the Metropolitan Center Landfill, Salvador, Brazil. The physical characteristics of the
waste, such as composition, water and organic content, were studied over time, as well as the results
obtained in field and laboratory measurements of methane generation. It is shown that values of Lo
obtained using waste composition and BMP tests presented compatible results and that most of the
decomposition process occurs in the first 4 years in field. The methane recovery rate appears to be
largely dependent on landfill operation conditions. Although waste properties are site specific, the
authors believe that the presented data can be a useful source for both the design and performance
analysis of methane generation in tropical regions.