Deformation Characteristics of MSW Materials.

Mehran Karimpour-Fard; Sandro Lemos Machado;
Palavras chave:
MSW; Deformation; Compressibility; Stiffness; Poisson ratio;

Deformation properties of geo-materials, are considered as the necessary information to perform sound and precise stability analysis both in overall or partial aspects. In the case landfill engineering, since Municipal Solid Waste, MSW, are the main material shaping the body of these constructions, having a proper background of the compressibility and stiffness of these materials to execute the stability analyses in design procedure is necessary. The compressibility characteristics of waste are of special concern when designing interim and final closure covers for landfills. Also stiffness modulus is an important mechanical property of waste which governs the deformation behaviour and could affect the partial stability of lining system. In this paper the results large scale oedometer and triaxial on MSW samples collected form Metropolitan Center Landfill, MCL, have been employed to estimate the compressibility characteristics of these materials and their stiffness modulus and Poisson ratio. Besides field monitoring of settlement in waste fills in MCL, has been performed as an alternative method to estimate short and long term compression properties.