Non-conventional Building Materials Based on Agroindustrial Wastes

The I Pro-Africa Conference 2010: Non-conventional Building Materials Based on Agro industrial Wastes is a joint initiative, that will take place in Pirassununga, SP, Brazil from 18 to 19 of October 2010.

inspired in the model of South-South cooperation of African and Brazilian researchers who work together using natural resources and agro-industrial wastes and appropriate techniques for the creation of new construction materials, both for applications in urban and rural areas.

The deadline for submission of extended abstracts will be 15 of July 2010. All the accepted contributions will be published in the Proceedings of the Conference after a peer review process. You will find much more information regarding this conference on the web-site - where you can also get instructions about the preparation of your contribution and early registration to the I ProAfrica Conference.


The conference themes can include

1 – Inorganic-bonded composites reinforced with vegetable fiber 

2 – Earth-based construction

3 – Wastes as mineral additions to cement based materials 

4 – Polymer composite containing agroindustrial wastes 

5 – Non-conventional materials and techniques 

6 – Durability and sustainability of non-conventional building materials


Key dates

Deadline for the submission of expanded abstract - 15/July/2010

Acceptance of expanded abstracts - 15/Aug/2010


Holmer Savastano Jr (Chairman) on behalf of the Organizing Committee

Construções & Ambiência FZEA USP

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13635-900 Pirassununga SP Brasil

Tel/Fax 55 19 3565 4153/4284


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