International Collaboration Seminar UFBA-NTNU

Resilience Engineering and Safety Management for Complex Socio-Technical Systems (STERNA) - CAPES-SIU

STERNA Project is a collaboration between the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and three Brazilian Universities (UFRGS, UFBA, PUC-RS) aiming higher education and research, on the topics of resilience engineering and safety management in complex socio-technical systems, in the sectors of Construction, aviation, oil exploration, healthcare, and disaster management. The period of development is from 2018 to 2019. An application for a 2-year extension (2020 and 2021) will be made. This project is also associated to CAPES PrInt-UFBA under the theme Industry 4.0.


Date: May 7, 2019 (Tuesday) 

Time: 2-5pm

Venue: Leopoldo Amaral  (5thfloor)

14:00h Opening: PROPG/PROPCI, AAI, Escola Politécnica e PPEC 

14:15h Resilience Engineering and Safety Management (Prof. Ivonne Herrera. NTNU/SINTEF) 

14:35h Resilience Engineering and Safety Management in Oil and GasSector (Prof. Trond Kongsvik, NTNU)

14:55h Discussion


15:10h Prevention of Disaster in Geotechical Engineering (Prof. Sandro Lemos e Prof. Roberto Guimarães, Post Graduation Program in Civil Engineering - UFBA) 

15:30h Center of Technological Qualification in Industrial Automation – CTAI (Prof. Leizer Schnitman, Post Graduation Program in Mechatronic Engineering)

15:50  Discussion


16:05h Resilience Engineering and Safety Management in Construction (Dayana Costa, Post Graduation Program in Civil Engineering - UFBA)

16:25h Oil and Gas (Soraya, Post Graduation Program in Chemical Engineering - UFBA) 

16:45h Discussion


17:00h Closing