Inteligent Transport Systems Congress

TS World Congresses gather some 5,000 participants from around the world looking to share experiences and build networks. As a decision-maker, manufacturer, supplier or consultant within the private or public sector, the World Congress is an opportunity for you to learn more about what ITS can do to improve the efficiency of your operations. What’s more, it is an excellent opportunity to show the general public how ITS can help them in their daily lives.

 Delegates will include representatives from:

International organisations and national governmentsRegional, local and municipal authorities Security and safety organisationsCEOs from industryEquipment manufacturers and suppliers Service developers and service providersSoftware developers and systems integratorsAutomotive and industrial designers Public transport and freight operatorsITS project management and financiersITS consultancies and advisors ITS users and members organisationsPublic interest groups and press


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