6th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation

6th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation,


The conference aims at unpacking the construction/society nexus and discussing the mutual constitution and transformation of practices of production and consumption of the built environment.


The production and consumption of construction goods and services are embedded in a network of institutionalised structures and practices, which is increasingly being shaped by the proliferation of new and emerging societal needs and trends. Different concepts and methods such as performance management, user-driven innovation, supply-chain integration and Building Information Modelling have been introduced to develop the sector and address the challenges that arise from these new perspectives. However, what are the consequences for the existing modes of procurement, management, regulation and governance in and of construction, and how are traditional practices, roles and responsibilities transformed as a result?


Local Copenhagen, Denmark,

Date 13-15 April 2011


Topics include but are not limited to:

- transforming practices of construction,

- consuming constructions,

- the co-construction of users and producers,

- construction in society - gluing sector governance and project practices together and;

- challenging theories.


Submission of Proposals

Abstracts of max 300 words, together with up to five

keywords, should be submitted via the conference

website http://6nordic.sbi.dk/index.php/SBI/6nordic.


Provisional Timetable

1 September 2010, Notification of acceptance of abstract

1 November 2010,  Submission of first draft of paper

15 December 2010, Refereeing decision

1 February 2011,    Submission of final paper



Additional Information

The conference website with the full programme and other practical information is available at:

www.sbi.dk/6Nordic and



Contact information:

Kim Haugbølle

PhD, Senior Researcher

Email: khh@sbi.dk

Tel.: +45 99 402221

Mobile: +45 21 430872


Stefan Christoffer Gottlieb

PhD, Researcher

Email: stg@sbi.dk

Tel: +45 99 402205