Performance evaluation of cement mortars modified with metakaolin or ground brick. Construction & Building Materials,

Palavras chave:
Calcined Clay; Cement;

The work analyzes the performance of mortars prepared with two metakaolin samples and ground calcined-clay brick. Complete stress–strain deformation response under compression, porosity, sorptivity, pore size distribution and resistance to penetration of chloride ions have been determined for mortars with up to 40% cement replacement. Continuum damage mechanics analyzes using a scalar model allowed to extract information on the mode of deformation leading to failure of the mortars during compressive loading. It is shown that not only the ultimate strength, but also the pre-peak deformation response is influenced by calcined-clay addition. The ultimate strength of the mortar mixture depended on the type of calcined-clay added, but in all cases mortars with addition were marginally more compliant during the elastic deformation stage and more brittle as fracture approached.