Methane generation in tropical landfills: Simplified methods and field results

Palavras chave:
Municipal Solid Waste, MSW; Biogas; Landfill; Waste fill;

This paper deals with the use of simpli?ed methods to predict methane generation in tropical land?lls.Methane recovery data obtained on site as part of a research program being carried out at the Metropol-itan Land?ll, Salvador, Brazil, is analyzed and used to obtain ?eld methane generation over time. Labora-tory data from MSW samples of different ages are presented and discussed; and simpli?ed procedures toestimate the methane generation potential, Lo, and the constant related to the biodegradation rate, k areapplied. The ?rst order decay method is used to ?t ?eld and laboratory results. It is demonstrated thatdespite the assumptions and the simplicity of the adopted laboratory procedures, the values Lo and kobtained are very close to those measured in the ?eld, thus making this kind of analysis very attractivefor ?rst approach purposes.


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